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All your Cairns 4WD hire requirements can be met All Day Car Rentals, located right in the city of Cairns on 72 Abbott Street. Your 4WD hire Cairns visit to North QLD will begin with ease thanks to our new booking system, available right here on this website.

Once arriving to our office you’ll be met with a warm welcome and selection of vehicles.

Our range includes Toyota Land Cruisers, the Rav 4 and the Great Wall SUV. The Land Cruiser is the toughest model that goes the distance when visiting the Cape of North QLD.

You can also hire a budget model 4×4 for a cheap 4WD hire Cairns trip. Cooktown is an ideal location for such a journey, driving along the Bloomfield Track.

Call us to get the best advice concerning how to reach your destination, the loveliest places to camp overnight along the way, including the best beach fronts and water holes.

You can even hire a guide-driver for your off road adventure, who can show you all the sites, from Cairns to Cape Tribulation, all the way up to the Cape York. In doing so you’ll remove the risk of getting lost or having to cross unfamiliar territory when on those tricky unsealed roads.

Your Cairns 4WD hire adventure can take you from rainforest attractions to the bush.

Selecting Your Vehicle Insurance

Once you’ve selected your vehicle you’ll need to be aware of the excess options. Every off road 4wd hire Cairns vehicle comes with a standard excess of $4,500.00. This can be reduced down to $1,000.00 by paying an extra $35.00 liability waiver per day.

Remember, for either option you will be responsible for the first $4,500.00 or $1000.00 damage. Obviously selecting the lower excess option reduces your risk and this might prove useful due to the fact that off road driving in Australia’s great outback can be unpredictable. If is often not the driver that causes the accident. Statistically kangaroos and rogue oxen are known the cause major accidents when they are hit by vehicles. Drive safe and be aware.

The extra cautious might go ahead and get their own travel insurance. If you do have travel insurance this does not apply to our excess cover. But rather, this is your own cover. Should you have an accident and have to pay for damage your travel insurance will reimburse your loss.

To select your excess amount select the liability waiver on the last page of our booking form. Your Cairns 4WD hire confirmation will then arrive to your email showing the same figures.

Advice for Cairns 4WD Hire Customers

4WD hire Cairns companies are fairly competitive and try to offer you the best deal of the day. What few companies are willing to offer is this:

We are willing to price match any deal you have. Just show us our competitors offer and we’ll match that price or try to beat it. This way you’ll get our quality vehicles at the best rate. But make sure that you bring in your printed 4WD rental quote or email it to us.

Another tip: when hiring a 4WD in Cairns it is crucial that you are acquainted with your off road vehicle. Know how to store things, tie things down, check the tires, is it diesel or petrol? Is this a vehicle you can use to cross rivers? And if so do you have the off-road know how?

If you don’t know the vehicle then ask questions. If you haven’t been off road before ask for driving tips, especially about how to get out when the wheels get stuck in the mud. Best not to drive at nights due to potential collisions with animals. Australia is a wild environment.

Be aware of maintenance. Make sure you understand how to check the oil level. Know your tire pressures. If you know your vehicle, and you’ll have a great time and have more confidence.

All of this will make your 4WD hire Cairns adventure a seamless experience.

Driving Off Road in North Queensland
5 Things You Should Know

  1. During and after floods, do not drive through rivers. The same goes for swimming. We experience flash floods, so water levels can suddenly rise. Remember when crossing rivers to have your windows down, as this will stop buoyancy (floating like a boat.) Your 4WD hire Cairns vehicle might be equipped with a snorkel as well. Turn the air con off to cross river. If you don’t have a snorkel then make sure you get out first to walk across the river in order to get a feel for it. You’ll soon know if its too deep.
  2. Do not camp on the banks of tidal rivers. Crocodiles are large in North QLD.
  3. Always fuel up at any road stop you see. You never know when you’ll get lost or how far it will be until the next fuel station. There are long roads in North QLD.
  4. You shouldn’t drive after sunset. Driving from Cairns to the Cape can get risky at night, with large animals, including kangaroos, emus, cassowaries etc.
  5. Be aware that there are some dry zones in North QLD, which means it is not permitted to take large amounts of alcohol into the area.
  6. Travel with plenty of spare drinking water. Getting stuck in a hot location is risky.

If you have any inquiries about our 4WD Cairns specials contact us NOW.