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Book A 4WD Rental For Your Cairns Adventure

4-wheel drive (4WD) cars are designed for reliable on- and off-road travel through any rigorous roads and even in the water.

If you’re travelling around the Cairns region and you’re looking for a reliable vehicle to handle all possible off-roading situations, you should consider a 4WD hire for your trip.

There are many benefits to using this vehicle for your adventure around the Cairns region:

  • The size of the 4×4 is larger than a normal-sized vehicle which implies that the car is very spacious
  • 4WD cars can handle many people along with a vast number of luggage and backpacks
  • In most cases, these cars have an inbuilt quality that they can travel in any road or direction


Things To Know Before Hiring a 4WD

Off-road driving can be quite a risky activity if it is your first time. Here are some of our expert advice:

  • If you are a first-timer, then there might be many questions in your mind. You should clarify all your questions with our team at All Day Car Rentals before booking a 4WD rental. We can talk you through how to use the car, how to tie and store things, how to check the fuel, etc.
  • In your adventurous journey around Cape York, you should be made aware of whether the car will move in the depth of water or not.
  • It is advisable to go for travel insurance. The cover is not for the benefit of the company that would offer you this service; instead, it is your cover. In case you get hurt or injured during the journey, they will incur the expense.
  • It is advisable to hire a travel guide for the trip who will help you to show all the sites from Cairns to Cape Tribulation. They can help you with the routes and handle all the uncertainties.


Why Choose All Day Car Rentals For 4×4 Hires?

Some benefits of choosing All Day Car Rentals for your 4WD rental services include:

  • Our online booking system – you just need to fill in the essential requirements, and the vehicle will be at your service with a minimum wait time.
  • Our payment facility is comfortable for customers. We have both online and offline options as well as pay later. One crucial thing is that you might receive several discounts if you book in advance. The other benefit you would receive in case of booking is that we will get to fulfil all your specific requirements.
  • In case you are deciding to book in advance then you can enjoy the power to select your ideal 4WD car hire. You can visit our office and choose the car of your choice from our fleet of vehicles.


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At All Day Car Rentals, we will help you manage your entire journey. You do not need to worry about your adventurous trip if the responsibility lies with us.

Why Opt For A 4x4?

4x4s are well-known for being formidable off-road. But there’s more to them than that. These vehicles offer perks you don’t get when you opt for two-wheel drive.

Extra space and comfort. 4×4 vehicles give you more cabin space, letting you stretch out, relax and enjoy your environment. They’re the perfect option for anyone putting in the miles or wanting extra leg and headroom.

Get out of trouble fast. Whether on-road or off, having an extra two wheels driving your vehicle comes in handy. With power going to all wheels, you can get out of sticky situations more easily, feel more confident in icy conditions, and go off-road whenever the urge compels you.

Enough space for family adventures. 4x4s are big vehicles that provide you with plenty of room for all members of the family, including pets. Play around with interior seats however you want to make room for all your gear. It’s easy.

Ultimately reliability. 4x4s are rugged vehicles that will never let you down. They’re known for their impeccable reliability and over-engineering, ready for any situation you can throw at them.

Where To Take The 4WD

Hiring a 4WD vehicle in Cairns, Queensland, is exactly what you need to go on a full-blown adventure in the local area. There’s just so much to explore.

Kuranda rainforest. With a 4×4 in your possession, the first place to check out is Queensland’s premier Kuranda rainforest, a sprawling expanse of jungle west of Cairns, nestled in the mountains. Here, you’ll find plenty of ridgeways and paths you can traverse, exploring all the area has to offer.

Atherton Tablelands. You can also use your 4WD vehicle to check out the Atherton Tablelands, a spectacular plateau in the Great Dividing Range. This incredible location is home to the World Heritage Wet Tropics waterfall circuit and offers plants and animals found nowhere else on earth. Just make sure you crank the air conditioning up, it can get steamy in this tropical paradise!

Cairns Lagoon. Those looking for something more laid-back should check out this beautiful stretch of coast, just a hop, skip and jump from Cairns. The region is famous for its year-round good weather, clear blue seas, and stunning beaches. 4×4 vehicles make it easy to navigate the local landscape and find a great place to park.

Those looking for full-blown off-road thrills should explore some of the routes available in the local area, including:

  • Cairns to Cape York
  • Cairns to Cape Tribulation
  • The CREB Track
  • Kirrama State Forest to Cardwell
  • Mt Haig Circuit and the Tinaroo Range Roads
4WD Vehicle On Road

Features Of 4WD Cars

4WD cars offer features that improve the driving experience significantly compared to standard 4x2s. For instance, you get power to all four wheels, releasing extra torque you can’t get on a two-wheel-drive car, making pulling heavy loads at speed easy.

You also get improved control when descending under load. 4x4s can manage caravans and trailers down steep gradients, making them ideal for off-road excursions.

Enhanced electronic traction control is another perk. On-board computers can determine the power to send to each wheel independently, helping you scramble up rock faces or dig your way out of ditches.

Extra weight may also help off-road adventurers. 4WD vehicles are heavier, potentially increasing their coefficient of friction, letting them get up steeper slopes and deal with dusty, muddy or rugged terrain.

Lastly, quality 4×4 vehicles offer greater ground clearance – probably the most essential feature of all. A higher cabin and lower-slung wheels let you clear even the most imposing obstacles, including swamps, rocks and vegetation. They’re ideal for anyone wanting to go on an outback adventure.

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