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How to Explore Cairns Like a Local

Hire a Car in Cairns and See it All

Situated in the tropical are of Northern Queensland in Australia, Cairns represents the jumping point to a host of wonderful natural attractions in the area including Daintree forest, the infamous Great Barrier Reef, and Cape Tribulation. The city of Cairns is more modern than one would think given its reputation as Australia’s premier nature destination and receives a staggering number of tourists throughout the year. Cairns is enveloped by gorgeous rainforests and some of the most stunning natural attractions down under. As long as lock in a car hire Cairns deal, you will have the freedom to explore them all like a local.

Upon arrival, most tourists will usually book a guided tour and hop on a tour bus to visit the surrounding attractions. While this may be a convenient option, there is nothing quite like getting a car hire Cairns plan and taking charge of your own journey.

With so many options of budget car hire Cairns deals on offer, it would almost be silly to waste away money on a generic tour where you will be pulled along in big groups as though you’re back in school on an excursion.

Here are a few places that you could easily check out after you sort out your car rental in Cairns:

See Kangaroos in Mareeba on the Golf Course

When you first visit Australia, popular media may have given you the idea that Kangaroos are abundant and only hop against the backdrop of Outback Australia. While this may be true in some areas, in Cairns one of the best ways to spot Kangaroos is to head out to the golf courses at Mareeba golf club. Mareeba boasts sunshine around 300 days of the year and is an incredibly attractive place to visit, but to get there you will need to arrange a car hire in Cairns. The drive will take approximately an hour but it isn’t a pleasant drive along National Route 1.

Drive one of the most scenic routes in Australia from Cairns to Port Douglas

One of the best experiences that locals absolutely love is to take the scenic drive up to Port Douglas. The route takes you along the gorgeous coastline of North Queensland where you will get an intimate glimpse of beautiful overlooks, cafes and a handful of Australia’s world class beaches. The trip takes about an hour in total but due to the sheer beauty and the amount of time you will spend trying to glare out the side window, the sixty minutes will fly by. The only challenging part of this scenic route will be trying to keep your eyes on the road as you will be tempted at every corner to peer out at the coastline.

Drive South to the Josephine Falls

Situated just an hour south of Cairns lies one of the most beautiful waterfalls and swimming hole in Tropical North Queensland. Experience the feeling of driving into crystal clear waters or rest and relax on the soft sandy beach while you drink in the views of the overhead rainforest canopy which rises above in the background.

Josephine waterfalls is located around 85km from the city centre of Cairns. The drive itself takes a little over an hour but you will be rewarded with a beautiful surrounding scenery along the way. You will also pass through a small country town called Mirriwinni to get a glimpse of what small town life is like in Australia and see Mount Bartle Frere, the highest mountain in Queensland.

In addition to the waterfalls itself, there is a gorgeous 700 metre rainforest walk which you have to get through before arriving at the waterfalls.

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