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Cairns Car Rental Tips and Advice

Regardless if you’re getting started on a legendary cross-country excursion or running away for a brief weekend away, if you don’t own your own vehicle (or don’t wish to drive your car on the highway) then you’ll be in need of a hire car for your awesome Australian road trip.

However, there are certainly huge amounts of pitfalls when it comes to hiring an auto, everything from undisclosed fees and penalties to settling for damages you haven’t even brought about.

The ACCC is having a deeper look at the Cairns Car Rental industry, with a Europcar franchisee in Tasmania already being penalised $200,000 for cheating consumers for hire car maintenance costs.

Cairns Car Rental Agencies Ripping You Off

If you’re the kind of person who’s not even surprised by excessively high credit card surcharges, admin costs, and insurance coverage upsells, jump onto a Cairns car rental website and revitalise your senses. Car hire Cairns providers gladly show off their least expensive no-frills rate right before piling on supplemental fees and charges.

For instance, AVIS was found in a compromising position by the ACCC and required to adjust its website as mandatory charges including an administration fee and the GST were not incorporated in the publicised rates.

Lowering your financial exposure in the event of a collision can just about double the price of the car hire. For instance, to hire a standard economy vehicle from Hertz for a week in Melbourne amounts to $28.90 a day, but to lower your standard excess to $500 from an excess of $3,500 you’ll be hammered an extra $25 a day.

Why would you decrease your Cairns Car Rental damage waiver?

Regardless of whether you regard yourself a safe vehicle driver it’s a smart idea to lower the car hire damage liability. The excess billed in case of mishap or collision can possibly be excessively high, particularly if you have a ‘single vehicle accident’ (for instance, meeting head on with a kangaroo on your great trip through the bush).

If you hire a prestige car from Hertz, for instance, there’s a typical excess of $5,500 and the single vehicle excess can increase to $4,400 for a FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE automobile. So should you decide to binge on the BMW X3, you’ll take on an excess of $9,900 for a single vehicle accident.

What is the most affordable way to minimize the car hire excess?

There are rental car insurance options that work out to cost significantly less on a daily basis than those supplied by car hire agencies:

Trip insurance including domestic travel insurance plans from Worldcare, Good2Go and 1Cover generally includes cover for hire car excess.

Credit cards, such as several cards offered by Virgin Money, can also pay for your excess.

Service providers such as RACV and Tripcover also make available specific Cairns car rental excess insurance.

On a seven-day holiday to Melbourne for example, Tripcover costs $22 a day for $6,000 of coverage to minimize both the standard and single vehicle excesses to zero.

The drawback? You need to settle the excess amount in advance to All Day Car Rentals and claim it back from the insurer.

Great suggestions for renting a vehicle in Cairns

Prior to the hire

Review contract terms before you decide on a rental company.

Examine your vehicle thoroughly in the presence of a sales associate before driving your vehicle.

Make certain all of the pre-existing damages, regardless of how slight, are documented before leaving with your Cairns Car Hire vehicle.

Photograph your car at the start and at the end of hire. Attempt to time stamp the pictures, and ideally, get the sales associate in the pictures too.

Inquire about details regarding what to do in case of a break down or collision.

Learn whether or not you have to return the vehicle back with a full tank of gas and what is the cost per litre if you don’t.

During the course of the hire

Get in touch with local police or safety officers if you think the vehicle is unroadworthy.

If the car breaks down in the middle of the rental or you have an accident, adhere to the company’s policies. Don’t have it fixed without approval.

Immediately after the hire.

Wash down your vehicle right before returning it so that any possible damage can be easily seen.